About the Puja Foundation

At a young age, Puja spent her time working in the family-owned restaurants alongside her father, Sunil Dharod, CEO of SSCP. During this time Puja witnessed unfortunate events that affected not only team members of the restaurants but their families as well. This includes a range of events such as medical issues, house fires, and the unexpected death of a team member or an immediate family member. One of the core values instilled by her parents growing up to her and her brother, Chris Dharod, was to take care of people. These experiences motivated Puja to establish the PUJA FOUNDATION which provides financial support to team members when they find themselves struggling from a catastrophic life event.

The foundation was named after Puja because her name means to pray and she wanted the foundation to symbolize that prayers can be answered. 

Today, the Puja Foundation serves team members of Cici’s Pizza, Apple Texas Restaurant Group (Applebee’s), Let’s Shake LLC (Sonic Drive-In), Roy’s Restaurants, and Corner Bakery.